about bitty

Once, there was a little girl who couldn't help herself and stretched her ears.

She loved the way they looked, and felt great about expressing herself through her appearance. What she didn't love, however, was the absolutely absurd cost of anything actually meant to go in her ear holes!  

She tried to be content with the plain silver utilitarian gauges available from the local tattoo shop. She tried to improvise with crayons, glow sticks and candy canes. She tried ordering from small-scale crafters at astronomical costs. Nothing satisfied her, and if we're being honest, nothing was really worth the money! 

In a fit of wine-induced frustration, on the eve of her friend's wedding, she snapped the posts off an old pair of earrings and glue-gunned them to a spare pair of silver tunnels. The result? Slightly better, and definitely cost-effective. 

Since then, we've been refining our methods and collecting an obnoxious assortment of unique statement earrings. We've chosen to focus on larger gauges, because we've found that market to be the most poorly served. Nobody should have to pay through the teeth to express themselves, and we wanted to make sure they wouldn't have to. 

We're always looking for ways to grow and get better. If you have a suggestion or any feedback at all, let us know