care and cleaning

So you've just snagged the best pair of earrings in the world.

 I bet you can't wait to stuff them in your ears and wear them all the time! One word of advice: don't

Because we use fine and vintage jewellery in our products, it's best if you don't wear them overnight or in the shower. We would hate to have you receive your order only to have it damaged by that well-deserved nap or much-needed cold shower (we don't judge).

It's actually recommended that, as much as possible, you remove any earrings before hopping in the shower, and using an antibacterial soap to clean out those ear holes before popping something back in. Pat your ears dry, or let them air dry. 

Another great way to clean your stretched holes is by soaking a cotton ball or swab in very diluted salt water. Let your ears air dry.

In terms of cleaning your jewellery, we recommend warm water and very mild soap. There are also a number of jewellery cleaning products out there, so if you have a favourite you can certainly keep using it!