Here are some answers to your most asked questions. If you have a question not addressed below, feel free to get in touch


Why are your sizes in millimetres? 


We list our sizes in millimetres to ensure you're getting the right size. Standard rulers will typically include millimetres, and we found this was a more universal measurement. Piercing shops and online jewellery stores may use their own units of measurement, or the measurements local to their business. By measuring in millimetres, you can be sure you're browsing pairs in your own size, and minimizing the risk that they don't fit.


Do you know my size in millimetres?


We sure do! Please note these may not be universal, depending where you purchased your jewellery, and we always recommend measuring to be sure.

Gauge Size Size in MM
2G  6mm
0G 8mm
00G 10mm
1/2" 12mm
9/16" 14mm
5/8" 16mm
11/16" 18mm
13/16" 20mm
7/8" 22mm
1 inch 25mm


What is your return policy?


For hygienic reasons, we typically do not accept returns. If you accidentally order the wrong items, or the wrong size, please let us know ASAP so we can cancel the order and refund your payment. If the products have been damaged during shipment, please get in touch so we can compensate you accordingly.

When will you start selling my size?


We're a pretty new site, and are always working to expand the sizes we offer. If you don't see your size listed yet, drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to see.


What are your products made out of?


We use high quality, single flare plugs in every pair we produce. Our supplier uses corrosion resistant 316L Surgical Steel, and the o-rings on the back are made from rubber.

The earrings themselves vary in composition. Many are acrylic or another durable plastic. Because most items are vintage, it's hard to guarantee one material over another. Rest assured, though, that the parts actually going into your ears are clean and intended for use as body jewellery. 


Do you accept custom orders?


We sure do! Use the link above to get in touch, and provide as much detail as you can. We'll work closely with you to create the perfect pair for you!